What it is

We could be more direct, but this service requires a more didactic explanation.

Think about your behaviour as a customer. When you are interested in buying something, it probably starts with a simple Google search.

Often you won’t know at first what you really want, so you’ll probably search for the “best marketing agencies” or “is it better to hire an agency or an in-house team?”…

By doing this, you’ll learn more about the problem you want to solve or the product you want to buy.

Then you’ll consider options, compare brands and models, analyse the pros and cons to understand in detail what products are available on the market. This is the moment when you finally decide to buy a product or service.

This behaviour is very similar for almost all internet consumers. It is what we currently call the customer journey.

When companies and agencies began to notice this trend, they started to explore strategies and techniques that could take advantage of consumers’ habits, reaching out and engaging them in the early stages of the purchase journey.

The result of this effort is what we call Inbound Marketing, a methodology that helps you attract website visitors and convert them into customers.

What do we do?

Planning and creation of blog texts optimized for SEO, elaboration and sending of email marketing, management of marketing automation software, creation of landing-pages and forms.

What do we do?

According to your company’s needs and objectives, we will define together the strategies to adopt.

For the generation of blog texts, we provide specialist SEO writers to help position your site on the first pages of Google.

We also use the best marketing automation software to make the relationship with customers more profitable, both for your company and for the customers themselves.

Through this software we send out marketing emails that can interest your audience and at the same time generate traffic and sales on your website. We also track the behaviour of website visitors and link your website forms with automation software in order to capture more and more contacts for relationships. Within the software, we also segment customers and apply more personalised strategies.

What services do we provide?

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