What it is

Ad Management is the creation, administration and delivery of online spaces used to present internet advertisements and create marketing opportunities. The platforms that host online ads usually have attributes that attract a large number of users, such as Instagram or Tik Tok.

From the engagement generated and the actions of each user, these platforms identify affinities, interests and demographic data. With this information, they are able to offer a wide segmentation for advertisers to run their ads.

What do we do?

Google Ads management, Facebook Ads management, Instagram Ads management, Tik Tok Ads management, LinkedIn Ads management, Youtube Ads management, Twitter Ads management. Paid Traffic Management. Image and video creation for online ads. Copywriting for online ads. Video editing for Reels Ads.

How do we do it?

Ad management is our most requested service. This service works like a project with a beginning, middle and end, where there is a starting point which is the planning and creation of the ads, based on the research we do. The middle of the project which is the implementation, where we run the ads. And the end, where we analyse the campaigns to understand what worked and what didn’t, to go back to the initial part of the planning.

This service is super important for all clients that we work with, because generally, it is through this service that we enhance the results, whether in any of the metrics that we have as KPI.

The ad management service also includes creating all the tracking tags for the site so that the analyses are done correctly. We use tools such as Google Analytics, to measure access results. Google Tag Manager to create the tags and insert them in the site’s code. Analytics Super Plural to have access to user behavior with Heatmaps, screen recordings, and an event trigger that works without cookies, i.e., fully compliant with GDPR.

What services do we provide?

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