8 Incontestable Reasons to Adopt Artificial Intelligence Now!

8 Incontestable Reasons to Adopt Artificial Intelligence Now!

Get ready, because the AI market is about to explode with growth of $180 Bi in less than a decade. And that’s not the only reason you should be tuned into this revolution – 90% of the content you consume is already on its way to being generated by AI

Do you remember when “generative artificial intelligence” sounded like technical jargon at some geek meeting? Well, those days are behind us. Today, AI is the star of conversations – from giant tech shows like CES to round tables at the World Economic Forum. Come and find out what all the fuss is about.

1. Disruption is on the way

Imagine 75 per cent of business leaders saying that AI will turn their industry upside down in the next three years. That’s right, McKinsey says so. We’re not just talking about charming robots or virtual assistants; we’re talking about a wave of innovation that could create new markets out of thin air.

2. Generation Z Loves a Good Algorithm

Salesforce found that 70 per cent of Generation Z not only use, but trust AI to help them make day-to-day decisions. Among previous generations, such as X and Baby Boomers, 68 per cent haven’t even experienced the power of AI. This says a lot about how the future is shaping up and who is at the wheel of change.

3. IT Gurus Are Matching AI

Seriously, 86% of IT leaders are convinced that generative AI is going to be the new darling of their organisations, according to Salesforce data. We’re talking about AI that not only beats the hell out of writing code, but also solves technical puzzles and revolutionises our relationship with data. Imagine two million devs creating apps on the OpenAI platform? Yes, my friend, there’s no end to technology.

4. The AI market is going to boom

Hold on to this: the generative AI market is going to grow in value by no less than $180 billion in less than a decade. Brainy Insights is betting that the money circulating on account of AI will reach US$ 188 billion by 2032. This is what happens when everyone wants a slice of the innovation pie and AI becomes the chef.

5. Automation Alert

Look, things are getting serious. Around 80 per cent of women are scoring points in sectors that are in the sights of automation by AI. The Kenan Institute dropped this bombshell, saying that when more than a quarter of your tasks at work can be done by machines, your job is on the ropes. And it seems that women are getting the worst of it.

6. Artists vs. AI

Who Wins the Copyright Battle? Practically 90 per cent of artists think that the old copyright laws are long gone for the times of generative AI. This information came from Book An Artist, who said that creative people are worried about whether the rules of the game will protect the sweat of their talent against the copying machine. It’s good to keep an eye on things because the legislators are going to have to get in on this dance soon.

7. Marketers are taking a holiday thanks to AI

Think of it this way: marketing pros are hoping that AI will take five hours off their work week. That’s right, AI is about to take over the wheel of repetitive labour and leave marketers free to give their strategy a go. Have you calculated? That’s more than 30 days a year freed up for pure creativity!

8. AI, the Future Queen of Online Content

Here’s a spoiler: by 2026, 90 per cent of what we read, watch and enjoy on the internet could be created by AI. The folks at the European Union Law Enforcement Agency have already released this prediction, and if that’s not a reason for you to pay attention to AI, I don’t know what is.


So, guys, now that you know that AI is the wave of the future, what are you waiting for to catch this tide? From IT leaders to artists, everyone is feeling its impact. AI is promising more free time, more innovation and is reshaping the market as a whole.

But let me tell you: AI is not just hype. It’s a tool that, if used wisely, can broaden horizons and transform the world out there. Take note and don’t miss the chance to be part of this revolution.

So, if you’re still not convinced, think again. Because whether you like it or not, Artificial Intelligence is already shaping the future – and the future is now. Let’s ride this giant wave of change and possibilities together. Generative AI is here to stay, and anyone who doesn’t get involved will be left behind. Let’s join this digital journey! 

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