Marketing Agency or Internal Team? Find out what is best for your company

Marketing Agency or Internal Team? Find out what is best for your company

If you feel that your company needs to attract more customers and increase sales, you are probably noticing the need to invest in marketing. However, we know that investing in marketing goes beyond allocating financial resources, because it is necessary to develop tasks that involve creativity, technical knowledge and analytical vision. And in this context a very common question arises: hiring a marketing agency or an in-house team?

First of all, we will be professionally honest in saying that both options have advantages and disadvantages, but the final choice depends on the specific needs and objectives of each company.

So let’s examine the pros and cons between hiring a marketing agency and hiring an in-house team.

Pros of hiring a marketing agency:

  • Flexibility: Marketing agencies offer a wide variety of services that can be customized to the specific needs of the company, allowing more flexibility in executing the marketing strategy.
  • Experience: A marketing agency will have a team of experienced professionals who have worked with a variety of clients and projects, bringing new ideas and strategies to the company.
  • Cost-effective: Hiring a marketing agency is more cost-effective than keeping a team in-house, as you only pay for the services you need and will have services performed by the best professionals in each area and supported by the bests marketing softwares. The salary that these agencies pay for excellent professionals are high, but you can get access through the marketing agency, and with a smaller investment.

Cons of hiring a marketing agency:

  • Distance: A marketing agency may not be as available as an in-house team, in case you have very large projects and that demand full-time dedicated people, think about negotiating a team or professional in loco with your agency, this way, he can be point of contact to optimize the communication between the agency and your company.
  • Limited knowledge of the company: If you don’t have a person responsible for passing internal information to the agency and training their team to know your company better, a marketing agency may not have the most specific knowledge about your products or services.
  • Loss of control: The company may have less control over the execution of the marketing strategy if they do not have daily communication with an agency, which can become uncomfortable in times of migration.

Pros of hiring an in-house marketing team:

  • Inside knowledge: An internal marketing team may have a deeper knowledge of your business, from daily coexistence and as long as you have a leadership capable of transmitting your company’s culture in an efficient way.
  • Availability: An internal team is always available and can work more closely with other teams and departments in the company.
  • Full control: It is easier to have control over marketing strategy and execution if you effectively monitor the activities of your employees.

Cons of hiring an internal marketing team:

  • Cost: Hiring an in-house marketing team can be very expensive as it requires recruiting qualified and experienced professionals, maintaining equipment and arranging training and development programs.
  • Limitations: An in-house team can be limited in terms of skills and resources, which can limit the company’s capacity compared to what a marketing agency can invest in their team.
  • Lack of market insight: An in-house team may be more focused on the internal aspects of the company and may not have the same external insight that a marketing agency offers.

From the pros and cons analyzed, we believe you will be able to evaluate which advantages and disadvantages make more sense for your type of business and this way put in the balance which of the two options is more viable.

If the company needs full-time dedication and has enough resources to hire an internal team, this may be the best option. On the other hand, if the company is looking for flexibility, technical knowledge and a better cost-benefit, a marketing agency may be a more viable option.

If your need is to hire a marketing agency, speak to a specialist now.

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