E-mail marketing: what to do and what to avoid in this strategy

E-mail marketing: what to do and what to avoid in this strategy

I’m going to start this article boldly: with a bet. I’m sure you’ve already bought a product through an email marketing offer. Am I right? The odds are very high because this is one of the most powerful tools in digital marketing.

When well executed, this strategy can significantly increase interaction with the public, promote products or services and, of course, increase sales. However, there are best practices and common mistakes that should be avoided. Below, I’ll tell you more about the main ones. Check them out!

What to do: practices to invest in now!

Segment your email lists

After capturing leads, you need to segment your mailing list to ensure the success of your campaigns. Sending specific messages to different groups within your contact base increases relevance and engagement rates. Use demographic data, consumer behavior and subscriber preferences to create effective segmentations.

Personalize messages

Personalization goes beyond including the recipient’s name in the email. Use other information about your contacts to create messages that really connect with them, such as product recommendations based on previous purchases or content that is aligned with the user’s interests.

Attractive subject lines increase click-through rates

The subject line is the recipient’s first impression of your email marketing. Opt for clear, concise and attractive phrases to increase the open rate. Test different approaches and see which ones work best for your audience. It’s worth betting on mental triggers, such as scarcity and urgency, to attract attention.

Offer value

Every email you send needs to offer some kind of value to the recipient. Otherwise, they become irrelevant. This could be in the form of exclusive discounts, useful information, educational content or entertainment. The aim is to make your subscribers feel rewarded for being on your list.

Always optimize content for mobile devices

Most emails are opened on mobile devices such as smartphones. It is therefore essential that your emails are responsive and look good on any screen size. Check that the layout, images and links work well on both desktop and mobile devices.

Carry out A/B tests from time to time

Testing different elements of your emails, such as subject lines, calls to action and layouts, is a practice that can provide valuable insights into what works best with your audience. Use A/B testing to continuously optimize your campaigns.

What to avoid if you don’t want to go straight to spam!

Never buy mailing lists

This is a relatively common practice, but it’s bad for your email marketing strategy. Buying email lists may seem like a quick way to expand your reach at first, but it actually results in poor quality leads and high bounce rates. What’s more, you run the risk of violating data protection regulations, such as the LGPD (General Data Protection Act).

Avoid excess

Nobody likes to receive dozens of emails with the same offer. So avoid bombarding your subscribers’ inbox. This can lead to unsubscribes and increase bounce rates. Find a balance in the number of emails you send. Test different frequencies to determine which works best for your audience.

Don’t ignore metrics and feedback

Monitoring the metrics of your email marketing campaigns is essential to understanding what’s working and what’s not. Make a detailed analysis of open rates, clicks, conversions and subscriber feedback to adjust your strategies and improve them.

Avoid irrelevant content

Sending content that isn’t relevant to your audience can decrease engagement and increase the unsubscribe rate. Make sure your messages are aligned with your subscribers’ interests and needs.

To sum up this conversation, we have a verdict: despite the emergence of so many new developments in the digital marketing market, email marketing remains an effective strategy for connecting with your audience and converting sales.
By following best practices and avoiding common mistakes, you can create campaigns that provide real value and build lasting relationships. If your business needs a helping hand to achieve the best results, talk to one of our marketing experts!

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