What is slow marketing and how important is it for the future of business

What is slow marketing and how important is it for the future of business

It is a fact, we live in a world that is constantly moving at the speed of light. Always on, always changing, expectations set faster and faster. Imagine how difficult it is for brands to keep up with this pace. It is in this context that slow marketing emerges.

Everyone wants results, and they want them yesterday. But there is something that happens when we are constantly running at an unbalanced pace: we miss things. We can’t handle this. Incorrect information is posted on social media accounts. Crucial customer and/or user problems are ignored, or worse, completely ignored.

So how do we keep up with this speed and watch what’s going on in digital marketing, but somehow solve the problems that come so quickly?

The Rise of Slow Marketing

Slow Marketing is exactly what it sounds like. Be able to slow down enough to identify and act on those key moments that will help your business grow faster. And it’s something you’ll be hearing a lot more about.

For those of you scratching your head, we are not advising you to stop completely to the point where you fall behind your competitors. Rather, the goal is to embrace “slow” at the right moments in order to gain efficiency.

Key areas where “Go Slow

While your entire marketing team should not “go slow,” you will need to pay for certain areas or certain team members to slow down. And, if you think the idea of determining who or which department should focus on Slow Marketing seems a bit overwhelming, here’s a quick tip to help you get started.

In a broader marketing context, a product or service needs to have a clear value to the customer, he needs your empathy. Slow down and think about whether each marketing step, each content created, each Google Ads strategy, will serve your customer, not your brand.

You will avoid talking about yourself. Instead, you’ll talk about what matters to the people you’re trying to reach. You’ll put your products in the context of customers’ lives… instead of the other way around. This takes us out of the story and puts the audience at the center of it.

You have to put the cliché into practice and perform “customer experience focused” marketing, turning the mirror away from the brand and pointing it at the consumer. With humility and empathy, this can be a healthy path to success.

Slow marketing as a concept is here to stay. It is an attempt to balance the scales of speed and immediacy and create a little space for thinking and feeling. Start tiny, but start small. Because while “time is money,” we also know that the “slow and steady wins the race.”

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