7 free tools every social media should use

7 free tools every social media should use

We know that managing social networks is the job that everyone thinks they know how to do, but in fact it is one of the most difficult functions to perform correctly. The necessary skill set requires “outside help”. Therefore, let’s list the 7 free tools for social media that everyone working in the field should use to get a good income.

Being creative, analytical, organized, attuned, and having design notions is not for everyone. And only one superhero to do all this without a little extra help. Besides, “time is money” and we are here to help you save time and money.

Check out the best social media tools (chosen by us after more than 10 years of experience):

Free Social Media Tools

How about we follow the timeline that every social media person already knows well in their account management routine? Now look at the tools in the sequence we usually use:

Where Ideas Come From: Google Trends

This is often the most challenging part. How do you always bring new ideas in such a volume of information and present them in a way that no one has shown before?

Our brain needs two things: inspiration and data. After all, for an idea to be good, at least more than one person needs to believe in it.

We believe that the more time we spend thinking about research, the less time we need to invest in completing a task, so we use Google Trends to research and compare hot topics and news.

Team Management: Asana

Two heads are definitely better than one. Here we know that teamwork is essential for a good result, so no content is published without going through at least 3 people.

To keep the team together, organized and in synergy, it is necessary to use project management tools, where you can send briefings, control ongoing requirements, and set deadlines and objectives.

Our recommendation is the Asana tool, which has a good set of features available in the free version. But don’t worry, there are dozens of other tools with the same purpose and you can choose the one that works best for your team.

Copywriting: Linkfree’s Character Counter

This is the favorite part of many social networks and where we can express our ideas and communicate with the public.

If you create copies or texts, you know the importance of controlling the size of the writing. After all, we know how difficult it is to fit all the information into 280 characters of a Tweet or to deliver the amount of words the client has contracted for in a blog text.

To do this, we recommend Linkfree’s Character Counter, you paste the text and with one click you find out the number of characters, words and lines.

Give your content a voice: Text for speech by Linkfree

We are definitely in the age of Reels and Tik Tok. This type of content requires a quick trigger to capture the audience’s attention, after all, the competition is great.

Videos with audio tend to have a wider reach, especially if they have subtitles.

If you need to create audio for your videos but can’t record your own voice or enlist the help of a narrator, use Linkfree’s Text to Speech. All you need to do is enter the text and you will receive an audio available for download.

Publication scheduling: Hootsuite

Yes, all jobs have this less noble part, but we are here for this, publishing posts Friday night and Sunday morning… That’s part of it.

We know that many tools don’t cover all types of publishing and that there is always a Reels or Carousel Stories to publish at hand. However, some features like the alarm and notifications at the time of publication already help.

Since we are talking about free social media tools, our recommendation is theHootsuitewhich allows up to 5 posts and 2 accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube) on the free plan.

Those who generate content know the value of a visit to the link in the bio. And to welcome the distinguished visitors, there is nothing better than to keep the house in good order. So this is the next free tool for social media.

Create beautiful and organized bio links with Linkfree and organize your content and the main areas of your site.

This is perhaps one of the most important parts, because getting the audience to convert to action is our main goal.

Offline Link: Linkfree QR Code Generator

We often want to go further. When we want to “break the fourth wall” of the Internet and reach the physical world, we need reinforcements.

If you need to use banners or printouts to bring people online, a QR Code can easily solve your case.

We use Linkfree’s QR Code Generator to unite online and offline actions in a digital strategy.

We hope you enjoyed these free social media tools! Have fun and also read about how to make the most of a Facebook or Instagram ad.

Super Plural Editorial Staff
Super Plural Editorial Staff

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