Google Ads: Learn about the types of campaigns and choose the best one for your website

Google Ads: Learn about the types of campaigns and choose the best one for your website

To get started with Google Ads you need to know the terrain you are entering. Choosing the right campaign will determine where your ads appear and in what format.

After getting to know each campaign, you will realize which one is best suited for your type of business and goal. This will make it easier to learn how to configure each one.

So take a look at each type of Google Ads campaign:

Google Ads: Search

The “First Class” of the Internet, or rather the “First Page” is nothing more than the place that ALL companies want to be. The reason is simple: it is where ready-to-buy customers look for products or services.

We know that this task is not so easy, but Google Ads can give a much needed boost for businesses to appear at the top of search, here it is worth mentioning the importance of SEO, but this is a subject for another post.

Where the Search Ads appear:

  • Nos resultados da pesquisa do Google;
  • Nos resultados da pesquisa do Youtube;
  • Nos resultados da pesquisa de parceiros Google.

Google Ads: Display Network

Who has never been “stalked” by a banner on Google? If you have been, then you have seen a Display Network ad in real life.

This is the main tool for those who want to practice remarketing and win back those visitors who have wandered through your site but have not finalized a purchase or other type of conversion.

And why are they so effective? The truth is that here a match is established between the ads and the customers’ interests or content related to your company, which makes the match almost unbeatable.

Where Display Network Ads appear:

  • Numa rede de mais de dois milhões de sites e aplicações

Google Ads: Video

Bring your stories to life! After all, a little movement can make all the difference.

As differentials, we can cite the possibility of reaching the target audience on a large scale and capture their attention more easily.

In addition, we can pay only when a person chooses to see the ad.

Where Video ads appear:

  • Vídeo autônomos no Youtube;
  • Parte de outros conteúdos no YouTube;
  • Rede de Websites;
  • Aplicações da Google. 

Google Shopping

Who needs to go to the mall when you have Google Shopping? They provide consumers who are searching for your product with detailed information about your offer before they select your ad.

If the product stock is varied and the price is competitive, this type of ad can be very effective for the company.

Where Google Shopping ads appear:

  • Nos resultados da pesquisa, perto dos anúncios de texto e adaptáveis. 

Google Ads: Applications

Multiply downloads of your App to the point that Zuckerberg wants to buy it from you!

With an app campaign, you can increase interaction, app installations, and even in-app actions such as newsletter sign-ups and product orders.

Where the app ads appear:

  • Rede de Pesquisa;
  • Google Play;
  • YouTube;
  • Em milhares de sites e aplicações para dispositivos móveis. 

Specialized Google Ads Campaigns

If your goals are very specific and your area very niche, some types of specialized campaigns may be the solution.


Local campaigns help you drive important offline metrics, such as in-store visits and sales, by advertising across multiple platforms.

Where the location ads appear:

  • Pesquisa do Google;
  • Google Maps;
  • Rede de Display;
  • YouTube.


If you are in the tourism industry and want to advertise prices or availability, hotel campaigns are the ideal option!

These campaigns present the hotel’s prices and availability to millions of travelers actively seeking its services.

Where hotel ads appear:

  • Pesquisa do Google;
  • Google Maps;
  • Assistente do Google.


With Discovery campaigns, you can engage with customers in Google’s most popular locations with a wide variety of advanced and unique ad formats.

Where discovery ads appear:

  • No feed da página inicial do YouTube;
  • No Gmail;
  • No feed Discover do Google – tudo isso com uma única campanha.

Now that you know the types of Google Ads campaigns, how about counting onspecialized marketing team to put them into practice?Click here and talk to us.

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