Ecommerce: 5 things to know before creating a sales website

Ecommerce: 5 things to know before creating a sales website

Going online is a great decision for most businesses. There are, however, some points that must be considered in order for you to achieve your goals when creating a sales website.

Far beyond a product build, we will address factors that are present in the ecosystem of a digital strategy. This makes all the difference in an online business!

So here are the 5 things to know before setting up an ecommerce business:

1- Define “who” buys

One of the first actions, when creating a sales website, should be to define the persona. Defining the target audience will impact on several decisions to follow, such as: choice of layout, communication format, types of ads, product organization, payment methods, delivery options, among others.

If you find it difficult to come to a conclusion about your persona, try to focus on the solution you want to sell, this way you can imagine which people need this solution.

You don’t need to be superficial in defining your ideal buyer, go deep into the characteristics, the more specific you are, the easier your marketing and design work will be.

Assign characteristics such as: age; education level, area of work, location, hobbies, needs, ambitions, and purchasing power.

2- Plan your window display

Obtaining the products is only the first step. From the moment you already know what will be sold in your online store, you need to define how they will be made available.

This is where one of the main dividing factors among e-commerce comes in: the quality of the photographs.

If you have already purchased the products, invest in professional, diverse, high-resolution photos. If you do not have the products in hand (in case of dropshipping, for example), analyze the photographic material offered by the supplier.

Images are one of the main factors that influence sales in an e-commerce, so don’t underestimate this item.

3- Choosing the right ecommerce platform

There is a diversity of platforms available in the market and choosing yours should not only consider the price.

This means that the most expensive platform will not necessarily be the best for your business or the cheapest will be the best for your pocket.

What you need to know is that each platform has specific solutions, so there is no one platform that is the best for any type of business.

Here at Super Plural, for example, we often create Woocommerce WordPress sites for businesses that are just starting out, but that are not done “by beginners”.

I explain: a WordPress site has a cost and ease of use suitable for a new business, but it also has enough functionality and robustness for professional businesses and even large companies, see some examples of companies that use WordPress:

  • Globo
  • Moka Clube
  • Sony Music
  • BBC America
  • Taylor Swift Store
  • The New York Times
  • The Walt Disney Company
  • The Rolling Stones

Besides Woocommerce, there are platforms such as: Magento, Vtex, Shopify, and others, which can be ideas for different businesses.

4- Not only to be on the Internet, but also to appear in searches

Creating an online store is not always a simple task, especially if the platform or development team is not chosen correctly.

Perhaps because of this, many people believe that the ultimate goal of creating a sales website is just to get your page up in the air, as if from then on everything will happen in a magic step…

It would be perfect, but unfortunately it is not quite so. One of the most important factors for a profitable ecommerce is to have a well-structured outreach strategy.

Your website traffic will be the most valuable asset you can have, the more the better. With a high volume of visits, you only need to optimize the audience according to your target and convert the visits into sales.

5- Know the competition

You cannot enter a sector in a random way. It is necessary to do a good market study to know (and respect) the competition.

In Marketing, there are advocates of enmity between competitors, but around here, we believe that a cooperative ecosystem benefits everyone.

Whether your business is bigger or smaller than others, always be aware of and look positively at your market, because there is always a lot to learn from the competition.

We hope you enjoyed these tips! Now that you know what you need to create a sales website, how about finding out a little more about Google Ads? Learn about the types of campaigns and choose the best one for your site.

Super Plural Editorial Staff
Super Plural Editorial Staff

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