How to use Instagram’s close friends feature on your brand

How to use Instagram's close friends feature on your brand

Instagram is always releasing new features. At first, it was a social network for sharing photos and the best moments in life. After being bought by Facebook, this social media has been going through several changes, such as the creation of stories, polls, selling products directly in the app, etc.

And a few months ago, it launched a feature focused on the teenage audience, close friends.
This feature enables the user to share certain moments with the people closest to him, such as family and friends. Sharing only with those people chosen by the user, is done by creating a list.

And the brands, what has that got to do with it? Well, this is exactly what we are going to talk about in this article.

Want to know how to use the close friends on your brand’s Instagram? Then read on.

The opportunity for exclusive communication

With the close friends you can create a more direct and exclusive communication with certain customers. If your brand has customers who are really close to you, for example, who buy from you frequently, comment on your posts, react or reply to your stories all the time, it’s worth adding them to this list.

Another possibility, is to create lists with people who live near your business, if it is physical. From there, send exclusive promotions, news that has just arrived, tell the customer that he is getting it first hand. Without a doubt, your brand or business will gain more customers by knowing how to make good use of close friends.

Nice action, isn’t it? It can certainly inspire you to create an action that brings your brand closer to your audience.

But how to create these lists?

Do a “mapping of those customers who engage with your brand the most, look at them from comments, inboxes, and start listing them using excel, for example.

VIP List

If you already have a VIP list, invite the people on it to join your close friends. As said before, offer exclusive content!

How about offering exclusive tour tips, for example, if it has to do with your business. Or perhaps recipes for winter, if it is something related to cooking. In short, there are countless possibilities that should be created according to the type of business you have.

One content that makes customers feel closer to the brand is being able to see behind the scenes of the brand. For a clothing brand, for example, it is very nice to present videos of how they are produced. If you have an e-commerce, content showing the orders going out for delivery also brings the audience closer.

Ask questions

After the mapping is done and the lists are ready, ask your close friends what kind of content they would like to receive. This will definitely help improve the way your brand uses the resource. Learn to listen to your customers!

And you already use the close friends ?

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