Learn what Growth Hacking is in practice

Learn what Growth Hacking is in practice

Growth hacking, does this expression sound strange to you? Well, you should know that it is already part of the daily life of the most successful companies of the moment.

This new trend in digital marketing is very present in statups and in entrepreneurship as a whole, growth hacking is gaining more and more space.
If you want to clear your doubts about this practice that has leveraged many companies, continue reading this post and find out what Growth Hacking is and who is getting consistent results applying this practice.

What is Growth Hacking?

For those who don’t know what growth hacking is, this practice is nothing more than experiment-oriented marketing “, according to the definition given by its own creator Sean Ellis, a great Marketing icon, entrepreneur, angel investor, startup consultant, and CEO of GrowthHackers.

In other words, applying growth hacking is the same as going after triggers to ensure the success of the business using strategies that generate fast results and allow the organization to grow. It is a way of working on the growth of a business, based on the empirical construction of best practices from hypotheses and experiments.

Reference companies that use growth hacking

Although the term growth hacking seems to be something new, many leading companies have already adopted this practice and achieved excellent returns. Here are some of them:

  • Facebook: One of today’s largest social networks, Facebook has reached the impressive mark of 1.7 billion users. And a good part of this achievement is due to the growth hacking practice adopted by this company;
  • LinkedIn: This is another famous company that has embraced the practice of growth hacking and, as a result, has seen an exponential growth in its number of active users, jumping from 2 million to 200 million.

The importance of applying growth hacking in companies

The advantages of adopting this practice are countless, and fit into books and courses already available in the market, however, it is possible to understand, in a more summarized way, its main objectives.

There are three main reasons why a company decides to implement growth hacking in its processes. First, it generates a large growth by means of several “small growths”.

The second factor is that you can run several experiments at the same time, which broadens the horizons of results; and finally, there is a great accumulation of learning, which generates many more optimization ideas.

How to start growth hacking in a business

Besides relying on professionals who understand this subject and already have experience in the digital marketing market, you can follow some important paths to learn more about this area.

At the beginning of this work, it is important to always aim for “performance improvement”, based on two major actions: first, optimizing the processes that already exist in your company, and doing the “indispensable”, which is basically creating processes that have already been validated by the market.
From then on, to implement growth hacking you need to follow a few steps:

  • Define what problem you want to solve in your company;
  • Generate lots of ideas (a quality brainstorm is key in this practice);
  • Establish simple, easy-to-follow processes;
  • Conduct experiments (using tools known as digital marketing “hacks”);
  • Analyze and harvest the learnings;
  • And lastly, apply it on a large scale.

There are other best practices that are fundamental to good growth hacking, such as using Analytics, which are tools for data measurement and experiments. Among the main ones we can highlight: Google Analytics, HEAP and mixpanel.

Pop-ups can also be very useful when used in a contextualized way on specific pages, and generate a lot of results. In addition you need to understand your site visitor’s behavior, which can be done through marketing automation software.

Performing A/B tests is also part of a Growth Hacker’s routine, whether using them in email marketing, landing pages, ads, or anything else, their importance is very relevant when you want to understand what is going right and what is going wrong in a strategy.

Take the first step

Now that you know what growth hacking is, how about you start thinking about adopting this mindset to generate more consistent results and ensure the success of your business as soon as possible?

Want to know more about it? Click here and discover the world of results that lies behind Growth Hacking.

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