Magento, Vtex or Woocommerce: Which ecommerce platform is best?

Magento, Vtex or Woocommerce: Which ecommerce platform is best?

If you are looking for a robust e-commerce platform that supports a high number of transactions, there may be many questions!
To help you with this decision, we have prepared this text. Here we point out the main characteristics of the 3 most suitable platforms for those seeking high performance and expecting a large number of sales: Magento, Vtex or Woocommerce. After all, which is the best one to invest in? To help you with this decision, today we will show you the pros and cons of these main e-commerce platforms.

Which e-commerce platform to choose?

Starting with the cost comparison, it is worth mentioning that within the three options evaluated here, Woocommerce is more affordable. Whereas Vtex and Magento require a slightly higher investment, as they have additional features that require more programming hours.

And in the case of Vtex, a percentage is also charged on sales, which is not the case with Magento, for example. So, the first tip is: define your budget to hire the service, and then research according to your budget!
Here are the main differences between Magento, Vtex and Woocommerce.


Ideal for those who expect to meet high demand, because the platform is fully scalable, with robust infrastructure that ensures stability and fits the size of your business.
It is the most widely used e-commerce platform in the world, being chosen by both small stores and even large multinationals like Coca-Cola and HP. The Platform Magento supports up to 80,000 work orders per hour and can store over 500,000 products!
Moreover, in its general panel, the user can still follow information and indicators in real time about its sales, customers, and products.
It is worth noting that the degree of complexity of implementation and construction, from the infrastructure of a robust server to the development of the code itself, requires the experience of more experienced developers to complete such functions.


  • A reference in open source, it is indicated for entrepreneurs who seek flexibility;
  • All your e-commerce information is kept private, with no access by third parties;
  • It makes available a large number of ready-made themes that allow for customization;
  • It offers free and advanced SEO features (redirect addresses, friendly URLs, support for sitemaps, unique meta-tags on product pages, and more);
  • Integration with marketplaces;
  • Enables the installation of e-mail marketing and SMS extensions


  • Product registration via API is detailed and complex;
  • There are no native client communication modules;
  • The creation of this platform requires specific Magento knowledge;


The VTEX e-commerce platform has the advantage of using SaaS (Software as a Service) technology. Besides offering a complete structure focused on the user experience, it has no customization limit and has endless possibilities.
Therefore, this platform is suitable for medium and large companies that already sell on the Internet and have a long-term plan.


  • Enables management and customer contact – Mobile & Omnichannel;
  • Smart Checkoutwhich helps to reduce cart abandonment;
  • The software has its own cloud storage – Cloud Software;
  • Responsive and adaptive: the flexible and mobile-friendly layout
  • Integration with marketplaces;
  • Integration with offline stores;
  • Allows your store to be seller and also marketplace of other VTEX stores


  • Order control shows those made within 6 months;
  • Product registration is more complex than other platforms;
  • The percentage charged for completed sales varies according to the turnover;
  • It is not possible to do the setup yourself, but rather with a partner agency.


WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that turns your blog into an online store. It is excellent for companies that use the most widely used website builder. So you need to install WordPress and then the WooCommerce plugin.
About 30% of all online storesworldwide. The solution is fully flexible and open source, all linked to WordPress. Because it is simpler and more intuitive, it is possible to count on a lower investment than the others and requires less time from one specialized e-commerce team.


  • It is a free plugin;
  • Enables inventory management;
  • Enables the creation of coupons and connects to various gateways payment gateways;
  • It allows the use of several custom extensions: free or paid;
  • Just add the content to offer discounts, promotions, or just the product.


  • It is not recommended for large and robust stores because of the limitations;
  • It has a limited database;
  • Additional extensions require extra investment.

After all, what is the best e-commerce platform?

When we talk about the similarities between WooCommerce and Magento, it is worth noting that both platforms offer open source products, unlike Vtex.

With open source code, the manager can edit and customize the layout and tools made available in the way he/she prefers. Both use templates to design and customize the appearance of your site. Therefore, both WooCommerce and Magento are better for those looking for customization freedom.

For those who already have a very well structured business and estimate a high traffic and sales volume, Vtex and Magento are the most indicated platforms, because they are very well structured.
Regarding cost, Woocommerce is more affordable with specialized agencies, while Magento and Vtex are more expensive. In the case of Vtex, there is still the cost of monthly commissions on sales, which is an important point that needs to be taken into account, especially in the case of high billings.
Also, measuring the results of your store is key! You need to make sure that its structure is flexible and can support the growth of the audience expected or currently served in physical stores, as sales will certainly grow on the Internet.
With these tips, you will certainly be able to choose the best e-commerce platform for the peculiarities of your business and for your current moment. There is no cake recipe, but there will always be an online store that is right for your company.

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