New integration between Woocommerce and Tik Tok allows selling directly on the social network

New integration between Woocommerce and Tik Tok allows selling directly on the social network

WooCommerce merchants now have a new opportunity to increase their sales: selling directly on TikTok. That’s right, you read that correctly! WooCommerce recently announced a partnership with social media giant, TikTok, giving all WooCommerce shop owners in the United States the opportunity to be among the first to explore this first-of-its-kind sales platform. Find out more about the new integration between Woocommerce and Tik Tok.

Justifying the Choice of Partnership

With a community of over 150 million users, 61% of whom are already engaged in online shopping, TikTok presents itself as a fertile ground for merchants to grow their business. Furthermore, data from TikTok Insights reveals that the TikTok community is 1.5 times more likely to make a purchase from a product they discover on the platform itself.

Benefits of Direct Selling on TikTok

With the new proposal, WooCommerce merchants will be able to directly sell products on TikTok and increase sales before the service becomes widely available to more merchants. Direct selling on TikTok allows for direct interaction with potential customers, who are increasingly using the platform as a shopping and product research channel.

TikTok Shop and WooCommerce

The partnership between WooCommerce and TikTok expands with the novelty of TikTok Shop, where merchants will be able to make their entire inventory available directly on the TikTok platform. Products can be displayed in a variety of ways: videos in the feed, live streams, and even a featured tab on the merchant’s profile page.

Possibility of Multi-Category Success

The range of products that can benefit from this partnership is wide. High demand is anticipated for products such as fashion, beauty and skincare products, fitness and wellness items, gaming and technology products and even home organisation and decor solutions.

Where is it available?

The new sales channel is still in the testing phase, called Beta, and for now it is available to WooCommerce merchants in the United States, which is common with all Tik Tok feature releases, so we believe that soon the novelty will be available in the other countries

Joining the new TikTok sales channel could be a highly lucrative opportunity for WooCommerce merchants. After all, people are changing the way they shop, and we live in a time where it is crucial to explore new online sales channels.
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