Best B2B digital marketing strategies

Best B2B digital marketing strategies

The digital universe has changed the way marketers communicate and sell to B2B audiences. As technology continues to evolve, digital marketing requires a more integrated and fluid approach, and digital marketing strategies unique to b2b.

It is necessary to adapt to changes in order to meet the expectations of the public. To ensure that a business is agile, you need to make sure that the brand is talking to the right people on the right channels.

B2B companies must be able to talk to other companies, and this requires a different approach than we use when talking to individual consumers in B2C. Below, we will explore some of the best B2B digital marketing strategies.

ABM (Account-Based Manager) is one of the best B2B digital marketing strategies

As we mentioned before, digital marketing for B2B has its peculiarities when compared to B2C. Some strategies may work better for one group than the other, for example a strategy called Account-Based Marketing (ABM).

While common Inbound Marketing strategies for B2B aim to generate as many leads as possible and thus expand their chances of converting them into customers, in Account-Based Marketing the idea is to be more specific and focus only on those leads that have real and significant chances of becoming customers.

Anyone who works in B2B sales knows how long the buying journey is, so reducing time waste at this stage can be very profitable.

Those who use this strategy usually work with the Ideal Costumer Profile (ICP) and with more specific information about each client, such as the size of the company, monthly revenues, target audience, time in the market, area of operation, among others. With this information it is possible to make campaigns targeted to these customers, almost in a personalized way, which increases the chances of success.

Virtual events attract a lot of B2B audience, invest!

Face-to-face events have always been very important in the relationship and contact generation for the B2B audience. Therefore, in the times of social isolation in the pandemic, it was necessary to adapt this reality, and so virtual events took over – and didn’t go away! This trend was on the agenda even before that, but it was driven by the context we experienced in the pandemic period.

Thus, virtual events are today a way to generate visibility for B2B brands, create a community, promote managers, leaders, and sales representatives, and even generate leads that can be nurtured and qualified after the events.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, YouTube is a channel that is used by 53% of marketers in the B2B segment, which shows the power of this platform and videos themselves.

So invest in creating:

  • Webinars;
  • Palestras;
  • Workshops;
  • Lives.

Always integrate offline and online marketing

In B2B, purchasing decisions are usually very complex and involve large investments. So it is not always easy (or ideal) to take all the offline steps out of a sale.

Then you can merge online and offline marketing perfectly to reach as many businesses as possible and provide superior customer service.

Examples of online and offline B2B marketing integration include:

  • Ativações de marca offline ou encontros presenciais podem ser conectados com o ambiente online, através de QR Codes e utilização de dispositivos com acesso a uma landing page;
  • Cupons personalizados que podem ser usados ​​em um site ou landing page. Uma vez que eles são usados, você sabe que o cliente veio de uma campanha offline;
  • Ofereça incentivos que só podem ser recuperados online – por exemplo, assinatura do boletim informativo para obter 20% de desconto no primeiro pedido de uma empresa.

Linking your online and offline B2B marketing makes monitoring the success of a campaign much easier and can engage an important stakeholder in potential business that you may not have been able to capture otherwise.

Did you enjoy the tips? Now that you know the specific Digital Marketing strategies specific to B2B, how about finding out a little more about Inbound Marketing?

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