Discover the best ways to optimize your company’s LinkedIn

Discover the best ways to optimize your company's LinkedIn

We told you earlier about the types of ads on LinkedIn and when to use each one. However, there are other great ways to optimize a company’s LinkedIn and thus improve presence, authority and business prospects. Want to learn more about how to transform your business’ LinkedIn? Keep following!

Why create a LinkedIn company page?

LinkedIn is the world’s largest and most active professional networking platform, with more than 55 million companies and over 810 million users.

A well-optimized company page on LinkedIn represents a great opportunity to establish your brand as a leader in the market, and offers other great benefits as well:

  • Geração de leads: a exposição a uma marca ou produto no LinkedIn pode aumentar a intenção de compra em 33%
  • Recrutamento: três pessoas são contratadas por meio do LinkedIn a cada minuto. Sendo assim, se você está em busca dos melhores talentos, esta é a rede social certa para ver e ser visto.
  • Publicidade: o LinkedIn é mais uma rede social onde você pode alcançar o público qualificado para o seu negócio.
  • Descoberta: criar uma página no LinkedIn é também uma prática recomendada para um bom SEO. Portanto, ter uma presença na rede social ajudará você a aparecer nos resultados dos maiores buscadores. E se você ainda não sabe porquê é tão importante investir em SEO, clique e confira 3 motivos que vão te convencer!

6 best ways to optimize your company’s LinkedIn

1. Use good profile and banner images

First things first. Your profile picture is the first thing that people searching for your company on LinkedIn will see. So it is important to make a good impression. Company Pages with profile pictures receive six times more visitors than those without.

Choosing a LinkedIn profile image is simple: take your company logo (the same one you’re using on your other social media channels) and resize it to meet the platform’s requirements.

The profile banner above your company logo offers a little more room for creativity, as there are no rules for using this space (other than some size requirements).

2. Write an attractive “About Us” section and include relevant keywords

The secret of LinkedIn is keywords. After all, it is through them that the social network algorithm works.

A well-optimized “About Us” section includes a well-written paragraph ( 2,000 characters or less) telling visitors everything they need to know about your company. So use simple, accessible language, informed by keyword research, to describe your business goals in words that everyone can understand.

Just like your other social profiles, the “About Us” page of your company should answer six basic questions:

  • Quem é Você?
  • Onde você está?
  • O que você oferece?
  • Quais são seus valores?
  • Qual é a voz da sua marca?
  • Como as pessoas podem entrar em contato com você para saber mais?

3. Post on your company page regularly

LinkedIn reports that companies that post weekly have a 2x increase in engagement. So make sure you post new content frequently.

With a variety of posting options available – articles, images, videos, documents – LinkedIn provides many ways to entertain and inform your audience.

If you need help producing the best content for your site, talk to our experts.

4. Increase your audience

Between organic growth and ads, there are many opportunities to attract a larger audience to your LinkedIn page. Check out some examples below:

Invite your community: you can invite any first-degree profile connection to follow you.

Target your posts: target your page’s posts to reach your ideal audience organically (aka: for free!).

Paid promotion: you can boost your Page or individual posts directly from your Company Page to achieve even more reach. Learn more about the types of ads on LinkedIn and when to use each one here.

Promote your page whenever you can: on your company website, on your other social channels, and in your email signature, for example.

5. Build a career page

According to Glassdoor, an HR-focused technology platform, 69% of job applicants are more likely to apply to a company that makes an active effort to promote its culture online.

LinkedIn Career Pages are an amazing way to strengthen your recruiting efforts by showcasing your company culture and how it is applied on a day-to-day basis. Although this is a paid feature, it is worth the investment!

6. Create a product page

Each product page offers an opportunity to display your products and services on, and all of them are directly on your Company Page.

Here, you can share an overview of your product’s benefits, post videos and images, collect community reviews, and even highlight current customers to provide social proof for future ones.

Now that you have reached the end of this article, how is your company’s optimization on LinkedIn going. If you need a makeover for your business website, please contact us.

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