How to engage on Twitter? Learn from these great brands

How to engage on Twitter? Learn from these great brands

There is no denying that Twitter is one of the most iconic social networks on the Internet. This is because the platform was created in 2006 and has managed to stay relevant for so many years, while countless other social networks have emerged and been forgotten. Moreover, the microblog has not only remained relevant, but has shown growth in the last year. In 2021, Twitter recorded a 13% increase in the number of users in the last four months. Therefore, it is very important to know how to engage on Twitter.

With impressive numbers, Twitter is also one of the best engagement platforms for brands. After all, the social network model itself – with short, quick texts – is perfect for generating connection at all times with users and customers. And many brands are missing the opportunity to strengthen their online positioning and get closer to customers by staying out of the social network.

If your brand is one of these, don’t worry. We have gathered some examples of brands that are experts at generating connection in 280 characters. Check out the secrets of how to engage on Twitter with Netflix, Ponto Frio, McDonald’s, Nubank, and Starbucks below:


Netflix is the best example of how to engage on Twitter flawlessly. Understanding the public well and knowing the references with which they most identify is fundamental to strengthening the relationship with consumers. And streaming knows this well. So in Netflix’s Tweets there are lots of jokes, memes, gifs, and conversations with users, elements that engage very well with the brand’s younger audience.

Ponto Frio

The brand has been on the web since 2012 and is a reference in creating a brand persona for social media. Since the beginning, Ponto Frio bet on the differential of debauchery and good humor, behavior that was not so common for brands at the time to engage on Twitter. And it worked! The account was so innovative that other retail brands (such as Magazine Luiza and Casas Bahia, for example) followed in its footsteps with a similar behavior on the web.


McDonald’s manages to unite the language of Twitter with the need to generate desire for the snacks, and in this way uses funny tweets to please all its followers. Because it is a food network, phrases are not enough. Images take over the profile and also demonstrate that every brand needs to adapt to social media in the best way to enhance their product and engage on Twitter.


Providing fast and quality service is a hallmark of Nubank. Thus, the brand shows through Twitter that it is possible to conquer the consumer by giving him the attention he deserves. Just dial @ of Nubank to be answered with a quick and efficient contact from the team, which seeks to solve the problem in a public way to show the brand’s premise: to be different from other banks.


Like McDonald’s, Starbucks relies on publications with images, which attract much more attention than text-only posts and generate desire for the product. Especially on a social network like Twitter, where the exchange of content happens at an even faster rate than on other platforms, it is important to make Tweets stand out and grab the audience’s attention before they disappear down the timeline.

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